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Since 2009, The Art of Coffee has established itself as a local provider of the best coffee in Dublin and has since become a go-to spot for coffee lovers with multiple locations across the city. The owners Ruslan Mocharskyy and Anatoliy Kyrychenko  proved that the hard work, combined with the passion and talent towards coffee art are the key elements to the success of their business.

Co-owner Ruslan has worked in the restaurant industry for over a decade, and has won numerous latte art award, including the Latte Championships 2012 in Ireland. Ruslan said he always took a special interest in making an excellent cup of coffee, and has managed to achieve the highest result in coffee making in Ireland.

Soon after opening the first shop in Grand Canal Dock, The Art Of Coffee brand became a major player of the Dublin coffee scene. We are proud to say that The Art of Coffee has been named one of the top coffee houses in Europe, with The Irish Times noting it as a “perfect coffee destination”. The DoDublin portal featured The Art of Coffee among the “8 Best Places for Coffee in Dublin”, and  Lovin Dublin highly recommended locals and tourist alike to visit our shops to sample some tasty treats and “see the epic coffee artwork”.

With thirteen locations across Dublin City (and more to come soon), it’s never too far to wander to get to your nearest The Art of Coffee branch.

The specialty coffee blend is roasted weekly, and comes served alongside a varied range of sandwiches, wraps, and ciabattas prepared freshly in store every day. At “The Art of Coffee” we’re very committed to making coffee art, presentation is paramount to us, but the most important thing of all is the taste. “Having a delicious espresso is the key, that’s the foundation,” – said Ruslan Mocharskyy, the owner.

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Any true coffee lover will know that it’s the tiny things that make all the difference. At The Art of Coffee, you are served your daily cup of happiness not just by expert baristas, but by “true coffee artists”. In other words, baristas who care about your cup of coffee even more than you do at 7:30am. We make quality our priority, and know what our customers want.

The Art of Coffee Espresso Blend is a seasonal 100% arabica blend from specialty coffees from Latin America and East Africa. Although the composition changes time to time to make sure all components are in season and always tasting it’s best, the flavour profile is always consistent. The Latin American coffees deliver chocolate notes and amazing body, while the African beans add complexity and a bit of fruitiness to the cup.

Explore the variety of our coffee flavour profiles: chocolate, forest fruit and caramel biscuit.

By the way, we have some good news! Now you can buy coffee beans online and enjoy our house blend from the comfort of your home.

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